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職場でいじめにあっている外国人社員がいるが、どう相談にのればいいのだろう? 外国人社員へ雇用契約内容がうまく伝わらない・・・ 外国人社員向けのメンタルヘルス研修をしてくれるところがないかな 外国人社員の社会保険はどうしたらいいんだろう? 企業文化を理解してくれた上で、個別に相談にのってほしい・・・ 職場でいじめにあっている外国人社員がいるが、どう相談にのればいいのだろう? 外国人社員へ雇用契約内容がうまく伝わらない・・・ 外国人社員向けのメンタルヘルス研修をしてくれるところがないかな 外国人社員の社会保険はどうしたらいいんだろう? 企業文化を理解してくれた上で、個別に相談にのってほしい・・・

with NEKOROBI We will fully support your company with a multifaceted approach!

We have more than 10 years of experience supporting foreigners

We take advantage of our extensive experience in supporting foreigners to solve employment problems. We adopt a global approach that is not tied to language or limited by cultural barriers.

Extra Consultation Based on individual circumstances

We are available for consultation, tailor-made for the specific circumstances of each client. We will draw on our practical knowledge and the latest technology.

English-speaking Professionals at Clinical Psychology and Labor Management

You can consult us about anything, including Social insurance, Employment contract, Depression, Adjustment disorder and more. We support all foreign workers in their adaptation.

At NEKOROBI You can receive advice from English-speaking professionals who are familiar with Social insurance labor consultants, as well as Clinical Psychologists.


Sachiko Nakajo

Born in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
1993 Graduated from Temple University, Japan Campus, USA (Political science, History)
1993 Worked for a local newspaper
2006 Worked as an English interpreter and translator at the Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute in Kiyose City
2009 Worked as a clinical psychologist at a clinic in Tokyo, giving counseling and lectures on mental health in Tokyo.
Currently works in labor-related counseling, as a corporate consultant, as a Social insurance labor consultant, Clinical Psychologist, and Licensed guide.
Also gives lectures on and writes about various fields.

  • ● Qualifications
    ○ Clinical Psychologist (Registration number: 22900)
    ○ Social insurance labor consultant (Registration number:13170389)
    ○ Specified social insurance labor consultant (Passed March 2019)
    ○ Licensed guide (English) (Registration number: EN02623)
    ○ Practical English Test (Level Max)
    ○ Industrial counselor
    ○ Career consultant (Registration number: 16215337)
    ○ Certified Public Psychologist (Passed November 2018)

Labor and Social Security Attorney
Keiichi Tabata

Born in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
2003 Graduated from Kanagawa University
2012 Obtained administrative scrivener qualification
2017 Obtained a qualification as a social insurance labor consultant
Opened an office in Yokohama and is currently active mainly in labor and pension consulting.                           

<From confusion to Hope>

One summer day, I was talking to a young man of African origin at the Japan Immigration Department, in the city of Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture.
He was desperate, as he didn’t know when he could leave for the outside world.
At the Japan Immigration Department, many take stabilizers, and detainees often go on hunger strikes. But even behind the transparent plastic partitions, he eyes shone as he talked about the politics and economics of his country.
Suddenly, I told him:
"I'm sorry, I’m ignorant. I don't know the location and name of your country.”
He said with a full smile, "You are right, because I am going to build it."
At that moment I felt that, no matter the situation, hope can sustain life.
Past the Heisei era, which they say was a rush, for the first time the world experimenting with COVID-19, and then Japan in there.
In these times of hopelessness, we will increase life options, we will create places where people can play an active role and diversify our values.
We will think, worry, cry and share the joy together, giving hope to more.
We are a group of professionals walking alongside all workers.
Would you like to talk to us about a better future?

ConsultationAccepting by email 24 hours a day!


Voices of customers who support

Content of consultation
When we hired employees from Asia, it was not easy as it was our first hiring of foreigners.
They supported us with interpretation between our company and the foreign employees, and apart from helping with the legal procedures, they also helped us in sharing our culture and vision.


If you are willing to adapt, you will understand each other and get immediate results, which will also be a boost for Japanese employees.

Content of consultation
We hired 7 technical interns. As it was the first time we had accepted interns, we had no knowledge of labor insurance and social security, and it was difficult to maintain communication with the management organization.
When we were struggling in our communications with the management organization, they supported us as needed. As a result, they were able to resolve not only the procedural issues, but also remove the barriers to mutual understanding.


When the internship period ended, there had been no major problems and the students returned home satisfied.

Content of consultation
I had a longing to learn Japanese and came to Japan from Canada to learn the language. However, the coronavirus made it difficult to return to my home country after completing the Japanese language program. My status of residence was "Student Visa" and the period of stay was until mid-December.
I was at a loss and had no idea what kind of solution was available to me. But after consulting with them I found out about the existence of special measures and the consultation service.


Furthermore, I was able to understand that my academic background is useful for "technical / humanistic knowledge / international business" work.

Price list

Member benefitsAll provided online

A member

Monthly membership fee 10,000 yen (excluding consumption tax)

B member

Monthly membership fee 20,000 yen (excluding consumption tax)

Benefit 1

We accept consultations regarding employment of foreigners. We can respond by email, phone, or online meeting.

A member
Free up to 90 minutes
B member
Free up to 180 minutes

Benefit 2

Regular seminar. This is a monthly seminar.

We will deliver (1) mental, (2) law, and (3) communication theory once a month. Members can select and watch the topics of interest. (With on-demand)

We will deliver "special seminars" inviting guests and "series seminars that professionals can use immediately" that have already been very popular at member prices.

Benefit 3
Introducing specialists (lawyers, doctors, labor and social security attorneys, clinical psychologists, etc.)

We will introduce you to specialists (lawyers, doctors, labor and social security attorneys, clinical psychologists, etc.). The first referral interview is free for up to 30 minutes. (Negotiable for individual visits)


Do you receive direct consultation from employees?
We don’t accept direct requests from employees.
Can I get advice on contract writing, rule changes, recruitment consultation, etc.?
We work with a variety of professionals to help you with more than just what you see on the web. Please contact us first.
Could you introduce to a doctor?
Depending on the situation, yes is possible to refer you to an English-speaking doctor.
We are in a rural area. Do you provide online consultation?
Of course it is possible. In order to reduce the burden on our clients, we are collaborating with many companies and experts who are working with AI. Please feel free to contact us.
Is it possible to receive training on how to improve our communications and dealings with foreigners?
Yes, we provide training that can be used in all languages. Please contact us first.

ConsultationAccepting by email 24 hours a day!


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